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Esmark Bandage

Esmark Bandage

Hygenic's latex and non-latex rubber sheeting and film are often used as esmark bandages. 

Esmark bandages (also spelled esmarch bandages) are rolls of latex and non-latex sheeting or film that is used in bloodless surgery on limbs. 

Usually 0.014" (0.36 mm) thick film slit into 3", 4" or 6" widths (7.62 cm, 10.61 cm, or 15.24 cm widths), esmark bandage material can be purchased in bulk rolls of 50 yards (45.72 m) or cut to length, rolled and banded. 

Hygenic has both latex and non-latex rubber film that can be used as esmark bandage material and has been successfully tested to the ISO 10993 standard for various medical applications. 

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